How to Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Benefits

National Employee Benefits Day is the designated day to recognize the administrators, personnel, trustees, and advisors who dedicate their services to providing the best benefits packages possible. Employee benefits remain a critical part of an organization’s compensation package and play a vital role in attracting and retaining talent. In 2023, National Employee Benefits Day falls on April 6th, providing companies the opportunity to recognize their hardworking benefits employees and showcase their robust benefit packages.

Here are some ways to celebrate National Employee Benefits Day:

  1. Host a Benefits Fair

One great way to celebrate National Employee Benefits Day is to host a benefits fair for your employees. A benefits fair is an excellent opportunity to showcase the different benefits you offer, including health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs. You can invite your benefits providers to participate and respond to questions employees may have. You can also provide educational materials and resources to help employees better utilize and appreciate the benefits provided. [2]

  1. Provide Special Perks or Discounts

Another means of celebrating National Employee Benefits Day is to expand on your current benefits package by including special perks or discounts. These may include discounts on gym memberships, movie tickets, or other perks. In addition, a free lunch or small reward goes a long way in demonstrating appreciation and gratitude.[2] Check out the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans’ Work Life Blend by the Numbers summary report here to see what work-life balance benefits more organizations are embracing for some ideas. [3]

  1. Show Appreciation and Recognition

Recognize the people in your organization responsible for the outstanding benefits available and appreciation the thoughtfulness and research that goes into employee benefit planning. Benefits professionals are encouraged to participate in webinars, listen to podcasts or read blogs about the latest toolkits and benefits as the landscape is forever changing. [4]

National Employee Benefits Day is an excellent opportunity to outwardly demonstrate how much you appreciate your employees hard work and care about their overall wellbeing. Take advantage of celebrating this day and recognizing the importance of a robust benefits package which ultimately will improve morale, productivity, and retention. If you need help or guidance strategizing your 2024 Benefits Package Premier Workforce Solutions offers affordable HR Advisory Services that can connect you with some of the most cutting-edge, sought-after benefits for 2024. Contact us today to schedule a quick 30-minute virtual meeting to learn more.