infection control

viral mitigation solutions

Infection prevention and control is critical to combatting infectious diseases. Our strategy aims to support the reduction and control of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 within our facilities, reducing exposure to our resident and staff population. In addressing preparedness for this and future epidemics, we looked beyond conventional use of chemicals and equipment with advances in technology changing our approach to infection control. This improved technology will secure your organizations from the air we breathe, floor we walk on and furniture, fixtures and equipment touched throughout our communities, eliminating the spread of infectious disease.

Our solutions

• UVC kills bacteria, virus, and yeast
• UVC eliminates human error
• Pathogens’ DNA can mutate and become resistant to cleaners, but not to UVC
• Environmentally friendly
• Disinfects surfaces & air
• Can be used in restaurants, schools, churches, and more

Plasma Generators

• Defined: emit ions into conditioned spaces to kill pathogens, VOC’s, allergens, odors, and other particulates
• Application: the devices are installed within all roof-top and floor HVAC systems supporting the facility.
• Effectiveness: reduces particulates by approximately 70-75% after 24 hours of usage
• Maintenance: no support required
• Facility Liaison: Plant Operations
• Other: does not create ozone

UV Light Shoe Sanitizer

• Defined: UV light shoe sanitizer disinfecting the soles of shoes within eight seconds
• Application: the device is installed within the screening area of the facility, adjacent to the remote thermal reader
• Effectiveness: UV light scientifically proven to kill over 99% of pathogens
• Maintenance: device is cleaned daily with the UV light bulbs replaced annually
• Facility Liaison: Plant Operations
• Other: user steps onto UV light platform and aligns feet over lights, the machine notifies the user once complete

UV Disinfecting

• Defined: portable UV devices placed in rooms disinfecting all furniture, fixtures and equipment
• Application: equipment is placed within the unoccupied room (must be empty) once activated the timer counts down thirty minutes, afterward the room has been sanitized
• Effectiveness: killing 99% of pathogens
• Maintenance: UV bulbs have a useful life of one year before replacement necessary
• Facility Liaison: Plant Operations & HCSG
• Other: provides 360 degrees of coverage

Electrostatic Mist Sprayer

• Defined: the process of spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and furniture to sanitize the area
• Application: spray can be applied within an (occupied room) throughout the area, mist is left for ten minutes and wiped down; moist towel used to wipe the room is used to wipe down the head and food boards of the resident bed
• Effectiveness: killing 99% of pathogens
• Maintenance: After each use spray water through the machine for twenty seconds to rinse out the line of any leftover chemicals that may start to build up
• Facility Liaison: Plant Operations and HCSG
• Other: provides 360 degrees of coverage with the maximum spray distance up to five feet, the recommended range for complete coverage is 20-30 inches

Non-Electrical Instruments

Hand Sanitizer Stations
• Automatic dispensing hand sanitizer station to be placed at front of building for incoming stakeholders and guests

PPE Caddy
• To be placed at front of building for incoming stakeholders and guests

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