Nutrigenomics (NGx)

we have the solutions

Premier has partnered with a precision medicine firm to provide clients the leading Nutrigenomics technology lead by teams of registered dietitians improving the health of high-risk employees.  We realize that wellness programs of the past were designed to deliver services, not measurable health outcomes; meaning that when the costs of managing disease don’t align with improved well-being, the results are financially discouraging.

Nutrigenetics programs deliver personalized, DNA-based recommendations to transform your employees’ health outcomes.

A end-to-end program that goes beyond one-size-fits-all

Precision Nutrition is dietitian-driven to help employees manage health and chronic illness. By offering nutrition recommendations based on individuals’ genetic makeup, self-funded organizations can attract and retain employees and decrease insurance cost savings.

A dna-based program that transform health outcomes

People are more likely to adhere to personalized, data-driven wellness recommendations. That’s why we center our Precision Nutrition program around genetic insights, access to a high-touch clinical team, and support from dedicated registered dietitian nutritionists.

Base10’s data show that for 20% of high-risk employees graduating from the Precision Nutrition program, you may see a 70% – 90% reduction in the plan expenses when it comes to medication for diabetic and/or other chronic diseases




Support employees in reaching their wellness goals

Whether healthy or managing a chronic illness, BASE10 connects employees to a registered dietitian nutritionist for individualized coaching to help them reach their goals.

Attract and retain valuable team members

When employees feel better, they can work better. Our DNA-based insights help support chronic conditions and provide tools to make long-lasting nutritional improvements.

Increase cost savings

By helping employees achieve measurable outcomes, you can increase your health plan ROI while reducing premiums and costs from high-risk employees.

Add value without adding extra workload

With hands-off implementation, BASE10’s team takes care of program recruitment and engagement as well as member management.



A path to success with precision nutrition

BASE10’s dietitians support each participant’s needs based on personal, physical, and psychological factors that influence nutritional behavior. Unlike other approaches available, we focus on what makes everyone unique, and uncover individuals’ predispositions towards diet choices, nutritional needs, and how they metabolize various foods.

Employee Engagement

A truly hands-off solution for employers: Base10 takes care of employee engagement and recruitment to the program.

Hands-on help and coaching with registered dietitian nutritionist: Base10 thoroughly explain the process and connect participants to their genetic results one-on-one.

Wellness Assessment

Champion healthy employees: Base10 assess risk of chronic disease and curate a personalized curriculum based on their personal wellness goals.

Empower at-risk employees: Base10’s transformative nutrigenetics program delivers measurable health outcomes.

Clinical Engagement

High-touch engagement: Base10’s clinical team connects with participants on food and exercise regimens to help achieve goals.

Unlimited two-way communication: Accessible contact supports lifestyle changes and nutritional guidance.

One-on-one guidance: Base10’s registered dietitians work directly with participants and use behavioral coaching to foster health promotion and disease prevention across the lifespan.

Large healthcare costs for high-risk employee lead to increased insurance premiums

Wellness programs of the past were designed to deliver services, not measurable health outcomes.