Future Trends in HR

by | Sep 29, 2022 | HR Trends

The role of human resource professionals has completely transformed post pandemic. What does the HR of the future look like and how can professionals be prepared?

The future of HR is expanding, employee wellbeing and benefits will still be a large focus but we will see new responsibilities emerge.  HR professionals will be seen in a strategic business leadership role with an influential seat at the table regarding business operations and strategy. Strategic planning, business projections and long-term goals will be the new CHRO’s focus.

There will be an increase in technology to help manage and engage remote employees. The field will see more tools around helping to motivate remote employees and how to quantify their productivity and work time. HR will be tasked with producing more results-based performance metrics. Along with this technology HR professionals will be asked to create “Remote Work Best Practices” guides and trainings for managers and employees alike. Onboarding will have more challenges, content and be driven through interactive formats like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

HR professionals will have to rethink how policies relate to contract or “gig” workers as they become a more common part of the everyday workplace. HR will want to create an inclusive and diverse culture for this subset of workers. Portable Benefits may be a new course of study for professionals to consider and understand.

Cybersecurity will be one of the biggest challenges for future HR.  Work from Home policies will have to address data confidentiality and employee privacy. Having a secure remote infrastructure in place has never been more important. HR and IT teams will work together to create the infrastructure and policies.

Gaining these executive in-house responsibilities will open up the the opportunity for the expansion of HR teams within large organizations and/or outsourcing to reliable HR Consulting Groups that can focus on the basics while internal HR helps steer the strategic direction of the organization as a whole. The future is bright for HR Professionals!  These changes in HR workings will have an impact on the future of work itself.