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Premier Workforce Solutions offers a full suite of services to enhance your company’s benefits program. The foundation of our services is a market-competitiveness analysis allowing insight into which solutions will have the greatest impact on your total benefits program.

Premier Workforce Solutions’ expert consultants work with you to develop and execute a strategy based on our findings, including:

  • Benefit Analysis
  • Broker Evaluation and Request for Proposal (RFP) Review
  • Compensation Assessment
  • Claims/Data Examination
  • Wellness Opportunities
  • Ongoing Benefits Leadership Support

 “Through a recent benefits analysis and broker RFP, Premier Workforce Solutions helped us identify $400k-650k in possible savings for our center. The PWS team was professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. We look forward to collaborating again in the future. ”

Chandra Smiley, MSW

CEO, Community Health Northwest Florida

Benefits Analysis

Understanding how your benefits stack-up gives you a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining talent. Premier Workforce Solutions analyzes your company’s employee benefits program and compares it with similarly situated organizations. Our goal is to help you strategically design your benefits program for maximum efficiency at the lowest cost. Premier Workforce Solutions provides recommendations on any potential gaps or opportunities in benefits not currently being offered by your company.

Broker Evaluation and Request for Proposal (RFP) Review

Your broker is an integral part of your employee benefits strategy. Premier Workforce Solutions has relationships with most of the top brokerage firms in the country, and we recognize the importance of having the right partner on your team. If the broker evaluation determines that an RFP is recommended, Premier Workforce Solutions can manage all aspects of the process.

Compensation Assessment

To help you stay competitive and retain top talent, Premier Workforce Solutions examines your company’s compensation programs and compares them to other companies in the same industry.

Claims/Data Examination

Examining claims data in a meaningful way can help you create strategies that improve employee health and lower plan costs.

Wellness Opportunities

Incorporating wellness benefits and programs helps employees improve their health and assists you in controlling costs. By identifying wellness opportunities, your company can boost morale as an additional value and improve its bottom line.

Ongoing Benefits Leadership Support

In addition to a complete benefits analysis, our team of seasoned HR professionals can offer full-time or temporary benefits support. We can supply benefits leadership on an interim or permanent basis. All services are available a la carte.

RBP Development & Implementation Support

The Premier approach to Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) is unique. We align our clients with the right partners and plans to maximize the benefits for your company and your employees.

Our approach is designed to create a comfortable transition for your employees and internal HR staff.Premier’s support doesn’t stop after development; we can be available through the entire implementation phase to ensure your transition to RBP is seamless.

We provide:

· Collaborative transition strategy tailored to your organization’s needs.

· Support from a dedicated consultant during the RBP development and/or implementation phase.

· Active virtual participation during open enrollment sessions.

· Develop and deploy a full communications campaign to employees.

· Create FAQs, employee handbook verbiage and other documents needed for implementation.

· Plan analytics to help you pivot as needed.

· Access to an exclusive network of other RBP customers for best practices and troubleshooting.