Medical Debt is a huge reality for working Americans everywhere today. Financial stress impacts your employees negatively in all facets of their life.  As more light is shed on the state of medical debt in America there are new advocacy support system available to help your employees negotiate lower costs and find funds available to help pay down debt.  We can connect you with resources and an advocacy group that helps your employees potentially access free or reduced-cost medical care and navigate the complex collections and payment process.
Designed to help your employees find better options when they don’t know:
• What to do when they can’t pay a medical bill
• Where to go to get affordable care
• Whom to contact when debt collectors come calling
As part of our comprehensive offering, we can help your employees in two ways.
Potential reduction of medical debt
If employees have existing medical bills, we can work with them to:
• Recommend ways to potentially reduce or eliminate their medical debt
• Help them understand their rights through the collections process
• Negotiate with healthcare providers on their behalf
Assessing available financial relief options
After employees provide us with a few financial details, we can:
• Check to see if they are eligible for free or reduced-cost medical care
• Search for hospitals and facilities that offer financial assistance if employees qualify.
Reach out to us today to schedule a quick 30 minute consultation to learn more about this employee benefit & other financial wellness benefits we have available for you to discuss with your Executive Team or Broker.