by | May 12, 2022 | HR Legislation

According to Skilled Nursing News, on April 11 CMS unveiled a 4.6% cut to the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) and 3.9% increase to Medicare payments for skilled nursing facilities (SNF). The PDPM cut will create a total loss of approximately $320 million in Medicare funding, according to CMS. For skilled nursing facilities that are already struggling due to the impact from the pandemic and staffing issues across the country, this possible cut could prove disastrous.

As SNFs prepare for the impending effects of the proposed cuts this is a great time to take a 360-degree assessment of the facility to find creative ways to save without lowering employee benefits and offerings. Premier Workforce Solutions specializes in creative business solutions that save employers without compromising employee offerings. We have a scalable healthcare solution that has averaged a 35% savings on health insurance spend for SNFs while decreasing deductibles and premiums on the plans for employees. The remaining savings can be used to absorb the upcoming CMS cuts and to help alleviate staffing issues through improved employee compensation and organizational culture. This is just one of many solutions we can offer. Premier Workforce Solutions specializes in custom solutions built to help organizations grow and overcome obstacles to accomplish their mission.