Recruiting Tips for 2023

by | Feb 2, 2023 | HR Trends, Recruiting & Retention

Recruiting Tips for 2023

A new year calls for new trends! Stay in the know with the latest trends to retain and engage employees more effectively. As the pandemic settles and more jobs are opening, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Be successful with retaining and recruiting practices this year with some of these new trends. 

Social Media Recruitment 

Social media has become increasingly popular in recruitment. LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor have become exceptional hiring resources, especially for younger professionals. Even Facebook and Instagram have picked up leverage when posting jobs. Being creative gives your company an advantage in reaching the best mix of people and can make it easier for future employees to find you.[1] This also gives prospective employees the advantage of interacting with current employees and provides more of an inside view of the company. 

Remote Work!

The pandemic has ushered in a new mindset amongst employees, especially the largest segment, Millennials. Zip Recruiter recently polled job seekers reporting that 60% were searching for remote work, and of these 60%, 20% only wanted to work from home, while the remaining 40% were willing to accept a hybrid position that tilted towards the majority of time spent at home.[2] The hybrid model is the one most employers have been willing to incorporate, realizing this model will attract the younger talent needed and potentially save on office space and on-site costs.[3]Workplace flexibility is a positive trend because it has the potential to affect other important trends like mental health, inclusion, and sustainability.

HR Automation

HR automation is not new. However, recent advancements in technology cuts time in the hiring process and helps to simplify itSome popular programs include Bamboo HR, SmartRecruiters, and Workday.[4] Many businesses have already switched to HR automation to save money on talent acquisition. A study from Modern Hire showed that 50% of firms use both AI and in-person interviews. On average, HR employees lose 14 hours per week in productivity due to completing tasks involved with the hiring process. 4

Soft Skills

Soft skills are related to social abilities and how individuals interact with others, while hard skills relate to the specific abilities geared toward a job. Today’s trends of working from home and fewer opportunities for face-to-face interaction have led to more people lacking soft skills over hard ones. The top soft skills employers are looking for are collaboration, problem-solving, and communication.[5]

Salary Transparency 

Pay transparency is so important when hiring and can save a company money in the long run. About 67% of job seekers say pay is the top reason for applying, and only 12.6% of employers make that information public![6] Pay is one of the top reasons why someone applies for a job, and if they have to dig for that information, they are less likely to apply.When adding payment informationyou will not only have a bigger pool of candidates but also build retention and a recognizable employer brand, which will help attract future employees. Don’t be afraid to put pay information out publicly. It will help in the long run with recruitment.