5 Books for EVERY HR Professional!

by | Mar 2, 2023 | HR Trends

Today is National Read Across America, and to celebrate, we are sharing the top five books every HR employee should read in 20231:

Agile HR by Natal Dank & Riina Hellström 

This new guide discusses how HR professionals can create agile practices and processes that save time, increase productivity, and support overall business goals. This book covers every aspect of HR, including HR processes and ways of working, HR services, organizational design, operating models, and HR teams. For HR practitioners who want increase business efficiency but need help knowing where to begin, this book is for you.

The Practical Guide to HR Analytics by Rachael Johnson-Murray

Data analytics experts are more needed than ever before. HR professionals who are most successful ask deep questions, understand key terms, and use data intelligently, but they may lack an understanding of the many forms, types, applications, interpretations, and capabilities of HR analytics. In The Practical Guide to HR Analytics, you’ll learn how to use data to solve real workplace issues. This book will help you understand everything you need to know about HR analytics as decisions become more data driven.

Talent Keepers by Christopher Mulligan & Craig Taylor

Talent recruitment and retention are often more important to HR professionals. The book Talent Keepers explains how leaders can attract and retain their best employees. It is ideal for HR teams and individuals seeking to improve retention strategies. This book describes a systematic approach to attracting and retaining employees. From the moment employees are hired, this book provides research-based methods for engaging them. From six client case studies, readers will learn concrete, actionable strategies for implementing engagement plans in their organizations.

The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book by Barbara Mitchell

Instead of avoiding conflict, you will learn how to resolve it with this book. Ultimately, this guide will provide anyone with the tools they need to win in such situations. There are situations that are unpredictable, and you can’t plan every conversation, but you can win in conflict if you have the right dialogue strategies in place. The more you practice facing conflict and even accepting it, the stronger this habit will become and the less likely you are to flee.

Rituals for Work by Kursat Ozenc & Margaret Hagan

This guide has 50 creative practices in different areas: business, management, design, and personal development. It will show you how to make unique and professional lives more meaningful. An organization’s culture can be transformed by reinforcing good habits, motivating personal and professional achievements, creating a positive colleague bond, and shaping shared values. 


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