Mental Health in HR

by | May 18, 2023 | HR Trends

May is mental health awareness month. It has become an increasingly important topic in the workplace, and human resources (HR) departments play a critical role in promoting and supporting employee mental wellness. As mental health issues continue to rise, it’s essential for organizations to provide employees with the necessary resources and benefits to address their mental health needs. Here are some insights from the industry experts on how HR can best support their employees’ mental health.

According to an article in Associations Now, one of the most effective ways to encourage staff to take advantage of mental health benefits is by creating a supportive and inclusive company culture. HR can lead the way in promoting mental health awareness by providing training and education on mental health issues, reducing stigma around mental health discussions, and creating policies that support employees’ mental wellness. Additionally, HR can offer confidential counseling services, mental health days, and flexible work arrangements to support employees who may be struggling with mental health issues. [1]

HR has an important role to play with mental health awareness. They should take a proactive approach in creating a mental health-friendly workplace by prioritizing mental wellness initiatives and providing employees with the tools and resources they need to prioritize their mental health. HR can also create an open-door policy, where employees can discuss their mental health concerns with their managers without fear of retribution or negative consequences. This creates a safe space for employees to discuss their mental health struggles and receive the support they need. [2]

A comprehensive approach is another way to deal with mental and health wellness awareness. It involves creating a work environment that supports employees’ mental health needs, providing resources to address mental health issues, and promoting a culture of mental wellness. HR can play a significant role in creating a mental health-friendly workplace by offering resources such as employee assistance programs, counseling services, and mental health awareness training. HR can also collaborate with healthcare providers to offer comprehensive mental health benefits and resources. [3]

Another excellent option for employees is offering a benefits plan that allows for virtual visits. This can cut down on time and costs allowing your employees to get the help they need, when they need it in the comfort of their own home. Mental health in the workplace is critical for employees’ overall well-being and productivity. HR departments play an essential role in promoting mental wellness by creating a supportive culture, prioritizing mental health initiatives, and providing employees with resources to address their mental health needs. By taking a proactive approach to mental health in the workplace, HR can improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity while fostering a healthy and inclusive work environment.