Boost Employee Engagement with Push Notifications

by | Jun 1, 2023 | HR Trends, Workplace Culture

Effective communication is essential for building a cohesive and engaged workforce. Traditional email has long been the go-to communication tool for organizations, but its effectiveness in engaging employees has diminished over time. However, a new and innovative solution has emerged – push notifications.

  1. Declining Email Engagement: According to Forbes, employees increasingly overlook or disregard emails, leading to a decline in engagement. The ever-growing volume of emails and overflowing inboxes has made it challenging for employees to stay attentive and respond promptly. Push notifications offer a solution by delivering concise, real-time messages directly to employees’ devices, cutting through the email clutter. [1]
  2. Fast Delivery: Unlike email, which relies on employees actively checking their inboxes, push notifications to provide instant delivery. Aimtell highlights this advantage by emphasizing that push notifications are delivered directly to employees’ devices, ensuring immediate visibility. This real-time communication allows for prompt responses, promoting faster decision-making and enhancing overall productivity. [2]
  3. Higher Open Rates and Engagement: Push notifications boost higher open rates and engagement than email. As stated in Digital Commerce 360, many companies have reported a greater return on investment (ROI) from push notifications. This is attributed to push notifications capturing employees’ attention with concise and impactful messages, leading to increased engagement and participation. [3]
  4. Enhanced User Experience: Push notifications offer a seamless and user-friendly experience. Employees can easily manage their notification preferences, ensuring they receive relevant updates without being overwhelmed. This level of control empowers employees and fosters a positive employee experience. In contrast, email notifications often lack the same level of customization and can be seen as intrusive or overwhelming.

In an era of diminishing email engagement, push notifications emerge as a more effective and engaging communication tool. By adopting this innovative approach, HR departments can enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, and improve organizational communication.