Open Enrollment Headache? There’s an App for that! Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Benefits Technology Solution.

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Benefits, Workplace Culture

Is it that time of year again? Do the words open enrollment exhaust you? That overwhelming sense of disbelief that you had to go through yet another year with a less-than-stellar benefits delivery solution.

For some, it’s the unnecessary manual labor involved in the open enrollment process; for others, it’s dealing with the current technology that have to work with which hasn’t changed in years. What if open enrollment was simplified and you had an App for that!  That’s right a custom app designed just for your specific benefits and employee paperwork.  An customized app that works with all your vendors that you could easily push notifications to employees and schedule reminders. Bringing widespread adoption of benefits and more engaged employees.

There are many solutions out there so here are five things to consider when you are choosing your benefits technology provider:

  • A Positive Client Experience

We’ve come to expect our interaction with our technology providers involve submitting a ticket, waiting a week for no response, send multiple follow up emails, and never talk to a live person. This is unacceptable and there are providers who go out of their way to ensure their clients have a responsive and accessible partner that will answer questions live and make changes in real time.

  • Connectivity

The beauty of technology is that it should be an ecosystem connecting all systems of record, including linking payroll, your medical, dental, and vision carriers, 401k, and all third-party platforms. When your benefits technology provider enables this level of connectivity, it also means that you can send and receive data as needed, eliminating the need to duplicate entry and manual work, saving time and resources.

  • Enhanced service offerings

Imagine a solution that provides not only benefits technology, but also complementary services partnering with all providers bringing your HR team enhanced service offerings that makes their job easier.  A platform that also allows your organization to send out notices such as Letters from the CEO, benefits enrollment deadline and even who the winner of the company softball game was- it should all be available in one place to help increase employee engagement and communication.

  • Access to your data

How easy is it for you to get access to your data on an ongoing basis? Ideally, you should have no restrictions or permissions required to pull your data. Having dashboards and built-in reporting ability will make your system more accessible and valuable. It’s important to remember that as the client, YOU own all your data and should have easy and unlimited access to it through your benefits technology system.

  • Ongoing innovation

If your system looks the same as it did five years ago and you continue to have issues year after year that aren’t being resolved, there’s room for improvement.

With COVID-19 and the influx of people working from home, your benefits technology system needs to adapt and continually innovate. You should receive system updates and releases designed to enhance your user experience and address new challenges multiple times a year.

The bottom line is this: Is your technology working for you, or are you still doing all the work? Now is the perfect time to explore your benefits technology provider options, so you never have to suffer through another open enrollment again. Reach out to us today to learn more about new benefits technology solutions and ask about our customized app to help you increase employee engagement, retention and take the headache out of open enrollment.